About Careity® Foundation

Careity Foundation exists to provide personal, holistic, on-site care and counseling for economically challenged cancer patients in the Tarrant, Parker and Johnson County areas. Far more than a fundraising organization, Careity Foundation distinguishes itself by its hands-on approach to overseeing programs that are personal to its founders, Beverly Branch and Lyn Walsh, whose mothers were each diagnosed with cancer 13 years ago.

Collaborating with Medical Professionals.

Strong partnerships produce strong programs. Careity Foundation works alongside the staff at The Center for Cancer and Blood Disorders, as well as Moncrief Cancer Institute, to make sure effective and necessary services are provided. Based on a shared vision, Careity's professional caregivers reach those who need our services at The Center's various facilities. We also extend the reach of Moncrief Cancer Institute's mammography mobile units and dietary screening into Parker and Johnson Counties. In addition to these collaborators, Careity works with Cook Children's in support of their Pediatric Palliative program through production of "Branded," an upscale western production and style show.

Accessing Patients Personally.

The heart of Careity Foundation's program lies in our use of specialized professionals to create substantial, personal relationships with patients as a basis for care. Careity's cancer navigator provides visits to patients during their chemotherapy treatments. Careity's oncology massage therapy and acupuncture programs bring alternative relief when necessary. Nutritionists identify dietary needs, and nutritional supplements are provided by Careity. Our psychotherapy and spiritual counseling programs assist patients and their families throughout their treatment, and Careity-provided gas cards further relieve the burden of the economically disadvantaged.

Reviewing Progress and Needs.

At Careity Foundation, we are active participants in the care and treatment process. Strong oversight of the programs we fund and support assures that the vision and strategies outlined in the collaborative process are effectively realized. The Careity founders meet several times a year with our collaborators and physicians. We receive regular reports from our professional staff to ensure appropriate levels and propriety of care.

Engaging the Community.

Underlying the success of Careity Foundation's mission is the involvement of the communities in which we live. Besides the professional staff, doctors, and administrators who devote their time and resources to the care of economically challenged cancer patients, we are encouraged by the many individuals, celebrities, civic organizations, businesses, NCHA, and members of the media who undergird this work with their generosity. Our hats — and those of many cancer patients — are off to each one of you.

Celebrity Cutting

Another Careity Foundation event, the Celebrity Cutting, has been a mainstay in North Texas for many years. Held each December in conjunction with the National Cutting Horse Association Futurity, the event provides funds for a variety of supportive clinical services for cancer patients in Tarrant, Parker, Palo Pinto and Johnson counties.


The needs of cancer patients and their families span the gamut from medical and psychological needs to spiritual and emotional issues of the family while coping with treatment. The Careity Foundation provides funding for supportive clinical services including nutritional counseling, pain management services, training and education for caregivers, and assistance in navigating the healthcare system. The Careity Foundation also helps identify individual needs of cancer patients and helps provide funding to meet those newly identified needs. 

The Careity Foundation is a 501C3 .

Careity Foundation
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